Our process & Materials

We believe that slow fashion starts from the ground up. Explore the roots of our sustainable process, where every material tells a story.

sheep and mountians


the farm

Welcome to our farm, nestled in the wild landscape of SW Washington. Here, we cultivate slow fashion by raising our own flock of sheep and a garden of dye plants.

Every step of our process begins here, where our pastured sheep roam freely and dye plants grow in our organic garden.

It’s a harmonious cycle of growth and creativity, where we honor the Earth’s resources and tread lightly on the land.
From the wool of our sheep to the subtle tones of our dye plants, our farm is where the journey towards beautiful, sustainable handbags begins.

Spinning yarn


The Yarn

orange flower


the dye

We are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our process, including the dyeing of our materials.

Using flowers and plants grown on our farm, we create natural dyes that infuse our yarn and fabric with rich, earthy tones.

We also use flowers to create unique prints through steaming and pounding techniques, as well as traditional block printing to create patterns and textures.


the fabric

Close Up Photo of Leather Rolls


the leather

We believe in quality that lasts a lifetime, which is why we exclusively use top grain, US-sourced vegetable-tanned leather in our handbags. Unlike chrome-tanned leather, which relies on harsh chemicals and toxins, this premium leather is not only durable but environmentally friendly.

vegetable-tanned leather is produced using the natural tannins from plants, making it a more sustainable choice for both the environment and your health.

With its superior durability and timeless appeal, vegetable-tanned leather is the perfect complement to our hand-woven textiles to create timeless pieces you can enjoy for years to come.

As you use your bag the leather will “break-in,” soften, and develop a rich patina over time, enhancing it’s beauty with each passing year.

sewing a handbag on a sewing machine


the handbags