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We believe in weaving sustainability, craftsmanship, and timeless style into every stitch. Explore our range of meticulously handcrafted bags and accessories, each telling a unique story of mindful creation, rooted in nature.


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Handpicked from our most loved collections—thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and made to accompany you on life’s adventures. Explore our top picks and experience the beauty of slow fashion first-hand.

A Person Sewing a Yellow Leather Fabric

Bought this great Heddle and Hide canvas and leather tote last summer. Loved the bee pattern. So did my daughter who stole it to use as a baby bag! Had to order another, with the cute sheep,  for her so I could get it back! Great quality, perfect size, and both have held up well despite some rough handling.  Who doesn’t like cute AND rugged! Will definitely buy more from here.

georgianne Bales

Portland, OR

We Believe fashion should leave a legacy, not a footprint

From raising sheep to growing our own natural dyes, each piece is a celebration of Earth, a uniquely beautiful and durable creation made with intention and sustainability. We go beyond trends, creating bags that transcend seasons and embody the ethos that fashion should be a timeless legacy, weaving threads of sustainability into every stitch.


houndstooth collection

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Indulge in timeless sophistication with the Houndstooth Collection. Crafted from farm-raised, handwoven wool, and premium US vegetable-tanned leather. Experience the epitome of slow-fashion luxury with pieces that seamlessly blend tradition and modern elegance.

classic houndstooth crossbody bag with wool fabric and leather
crossbody in houndstooth


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From timeless totes to stylish crossbody bags and irresistible accessories, explore our top picks and experience the beauty of slow fashion firsthand.


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