We believe in cultivating change, one stitch at a time. 

Join us in our journey on our organic farm nestled in the Pacific Northwest, where we weave the essence of slow-fashion into one-of-a-kind wool bags. From raising our sheep to handcrafting with natural dyes, each piece is a celebration of Earth, a uniquely beautiful and durable creation made with intention and sustainability. We go beyond trends, creating bags that transcend seasons and embody the ethos that fashion should be a timeless legacy, weaving threads of sustainability into every stitch. 

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We believe sustainable fashion starts on the farm: Meet our founder.

The journey started in Sunny California, where, through meeting my husband, I had the opportunity to live on a large piece of land. One thing led to another and I ended up with a million chickens, a half-acre garden, goats and 4 milk cows. I was head over heels about learning anything small farming practices and regenerative agriculture, and started understanding the negative impacts of corporate farming on the environment and the treatment of animals. I realized it could be different. Being a farmer was my small, meaningful stand against the injustices of big agriculture.

Fast forward many years- climate change and an unending California drought ment migrating to 44-acres in gorgeous and brutally wet Washington State. Amid the rain-soaked beauty, my connection with the land deepened. Growing flowers and delving into the art of natural dyes became an inspiration, and we welcomed a flock of sheep into the mix. When the weather kept us indoors for the winter I found a creative outlet in using the wool we had shorn from the sheep, spinning it into yarn and weaving it into fabric. 

In the quiet rhythm of weaving, a question lingered: Is fast fashion truly in harmony with our goal to leave a healthy Earth for our children? The answer compelled me to redefine the narrative, to embrace a slower, more intentional approach to fashion. As I transformed this humble fluff- wool- into something magical I started to feel a connection to how textiles were made and how farming plays a huge role in what we wear…and how what we wear is intimately connected to our environment. 

It was this realization that birthed a line of handwoven bags, crafted with our wool and other natural materials like vegetable-tanned leather and cotton canvas. The goal? To create pieces that transcend seasons, embodying the ethos that fashion should not be fleeting but a timeless legacy, weaving threads of sustainability into every stitch.

Sustainable fashion, I discovered, is a harmonious blend of beauty and durability.

Join me in this journey of cultivating change, one stitch at a time. Together, let’s craft a narrative where fashion is a celebration of the earth, a tribute to mindful creation, and an enduring legacy for generations to come.

We believe in the beauty of slow fashion and sustainable craftsmanship

Each piece in our collection is a testament to our commitment to ethical craftsmanship. From our own farm raised handwoven wool to US-sourced vegetable-tanned leather, every material is thoughtfully selected for its quality and sustainability. Our small studio is where meticulous attention to detail meets passion for creating durable, unique pieces that tell a story of conscious living.

Inspired by Nature, Crafted with Intention

Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us. From the harsh landscapes of the PNW to the vibrant hues of blooming plants on our farm, each element finds its way into our creations. Every hand printed pattern, every hand woven texture is a celebration of the natural world and a nod to the seasons that inspire us.


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